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, that watson is not intended to replace humans. a get out the vote effort in lansing michigan could land one woman in jail. medical marijuana dispensary owner, shakina, pena allegedly gave free pot to customers who agreed to register to vote. michigan's attorney general claims penna encouraged them to vote for city council candidates who support medical marijuana laws and pena's facebook page was updated to say, quote, i stand for unity, i stand for patients, i stand for compliance, i stand for awareness, i stand for safe access and let's focus on the bigger picture here. and we told you about the candidate debate and focus on front runner, texas governor rick perry. his colleagues went oafter his stance on social security. >> governor rick perry was asailed by his republican competitors for his earlier criticisms of the program. >> governor, the term ponzi scheme scared seniors and number two, suggesting that social security should no longer be a federal program and return to the states unconstitutional. >> we're frightening the american people who just want solutions and this party isn't g
michigan had been in the race. he had been for several months campaigning and spending time criticizing mitt romney. today he announce he will withdrawal his candidacy. he failed to meet criteria for participation in tonight's debate, failed to attract attention and money. the race is now over and he says he will continue to work from congress on his consecutive principles there is speculation not withstanding his criticism of mitt romney ultimately that is where his support may rest. bret? >> bret: all right, carl. by the way, happy birthday. we will celebrate with a big debate tonight. how about that? >> reporter: thanks, bret. i appreciate it. >> bret: president obama resumes his push for his new stimulus plan today. appearing in cincinnati, ohio. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler reports the president's back-to-work agenda involved working over some republican leaders. >> reporter: the president took the campaign for american jobs act to aging bridge that connects the home state of the republican leaders of the house and senate. he called them out by nam
cast the votes. >> four years ago, we said together that michigan seemed to be enduring a one state recession. president obama said he'd change that. he has. now all the states are enduring a recession. >> let me share something with you, i will draw a sharp contrast between president obama and myself. [ applause ] >> bret: before the break, our question of the day asked you will new jersey governor chris christie run for presidency in 2012. 23% said yes, 77% of you said no. back with the panel. we're going to talk in this panel about the current crop of candidates. and the florida straw poll this weekend, big surprise to many, herman cain getting 37% of the vote. rick perry came in second with 15%. mitt romney in third place with 14%. we talk a lot about straw polls. michele bachmann winning the iowa straw poll. ron paul won in california. herman cain endorsed by dennis miller. getting a lot of attention. a big splash in florida. says he is the guy to take it forward. >> i don't think that the bulk of people who voted, the bulk of delegates in florida who voted in that poll believe
people work, too. >> in michigan with 11% jobless rate, both men are preaching to the choir. but as far as big labor is concerned it's a changing choir. union members are likely to be public sector workers like teachers and police officers than auto workers or in the private sector. across the country, 200,000 lost their jobs last year in wisconsin and ohio, public sector workers lost the collective bargaining rights. >> this is not about economics. it's about politics. i want everybody to know as long as i'm in the white house i'll stand up for collective bargaining. >> in 2008, candidate obama promised to march with public sector workers if necessary to defend the rights. he hasn't yet but he did give states federal aid to help us out of the recession. >> thank you, wendell. handful of 2012 republican presidential hopefuls were in conservative south carolina for a forum sponsoreded by jim demint today. one contender had to leigh early but offered parting shots answered in kind. >> chieve political correspondent carl cameron surveys the field from columbia. >> most of the presidential
. one message to reporters was titled michigan governor rick snyder backs american jobs act. surprising endorsement from conservative republican. less than an hour later they sent corrected release, saying rick snyder on american jobs act. walking back the claim that snyder backed the obama plan. while the governor has positive things to say about the proposal, his office clarified he isn't offering his full support. one element of the plan is preventing 285,000 teacher layoffs. however, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell's office points out last year president obama signed legislation that included $10 billion to avoid 160,000 teacher layoffs. that bill was a bargain averaging $62,500 per job saved. at least compared to the president's new request which works out to $125,000 per job. the education department says last year's bill did save jobs but there is now a need to avoid more layoffs. and finally, former yahoo ceo carol bartz may have cost herself tens of billions of dollars because of name-calling. she referred to other board members as dufuses two days after she was fired
donald of michigan who says he has a health problem. >> hi, i'm a student and i have a chronic heart condition. for me, and those like me, the democrats' health care reform, allowing us to stay on our parents' insurance longer was a god . if were you elected, -- would you repeal in reform? if so, are we supposed to pray really hard that our ailments don't prevent us from going to class? >> governor, what about provisions that ian talks about? the one that allows kids to stay on their parents' policies until they were 26, not limiting coverage for preexisting conditions. president obama says the only way that insurance companies can afford to provide those kinds of reforms is with the individual mandate where they get a lot of new customers. >> when i hear this discussion, i think of my daughter elizabeth who is sitting on the front row who suffers from juvenile diabetes. i also am reminded we are fundamentally approaching health care reform the wrong way. this one trillion dollar bomb that obamacare means to this country over 10 years is creating such uncertainty in the marketplace that busine
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)